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Micro Blog Ep. 4 - The pets of Slothful Media Part 1

Today’s micro blog will highlight one of the biggest aspects of my life, my first cat Alice. Funny story I had never intended to adopt a cat, I actually went to get a toy for a dog that had a nasty attitude. Then I came home with a little ball of fur. My first fur baby.

Alice was a rescue, as mentioned, from a local pet food store. She had been bounced around to a few different shelters before ending up at this specific location near my house. Normally I don’t look at the animals because I’m a bleeding heart and I want to save the World, but this time something compelled me. If there ever was a higher power to believe in this was the time they intervened in my life. They allowed me into the enclosure where the cats are caged, and let me hold her. Even when I looked at her through the glass, she was very resigned, conserved, and by this point probably hadn’t had a lot of human contact. But she closed her eyes in my arms, and with that I was off to buy a carrier and get her papers. Me not knowing the pandemic was around the corner I adopted her and took her home.

She was timid at first, like most cats and typical of rescues, very shy. She hid under my couch, under my bed, and in the corner. Only coming out to sniff out a litter box and find some food and water. I had no toys. I didn’t think to get her anything before I left, but I do know cats like to chase stingy objects, and I’m an avid wilderness hobbyist so I had tons of rope. She mostly liked a strap I used to tie down my ground mat, and a scratching post which I bought to deter scratching the furniture. Me never owning a cat before I could only think of her destroying things, instead of getting a toy to distract her from destroying.

I could tell right away she was abused. A broken tooth and a major reluctance to be around people. Flinched when you put your hand near her, or recoiled at a sound she didn’t like. The first few nights and days I spent feeding her fistfuls of treats. Not enough to make her fat, just enough to gain her trust. Every night she would sleep at the foot of my bed, purring more often than not. She was peaceful, calm, and overjoyed to be loved again.

Over time she would get more playful with toys, and things I would leave around. Cardboard scratch pads to deter the damage. She was amazing in that respect, never clawed at anything she wasn’t supposed to. Tore to shreds her cardboard, forever vacuuming up shards of brown. Eventually she warmed up to me, and was happy to be around me. Sitting on my lap, sleeping next to my leg. She quickly became my best friend.

Through out the pandemic I lived with a family member and they had a number of dogs. Thin floors made it feel like I lived in my childhood home, just more dogs and energy in general. Alice did not like it at first, but got used to it over time. I never quite did though. As I would work at my desk, she would be mostly on my lap. Sleeping, curled up, warm. I quickly appreciated having the company during the loneliest time of my life. Two years alone just my cat Alice and I.

Over the years she has put on quite a bit of weight. Originally, I fed her twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Normally she would eat all her food and I would put any left over food back into the bag. Keeping her food portions under control, but somehow, she still gained weight. Obviously, I was feeding her too much, but as I scaled back her food, she got excessively annoying. “Oh well, she was a shelter cat” I thought, so I started to fill her bowl and let her eat at her own pace. She’s a bit chunky now, but healthy overall. Her brother keeps her on her toes.

Everything happens for a reason, and both my cats found me. I know the whole “my rescue animal saved me,” cliché about owners with rescues, but both of us found a forever home with each other and I look forward to many more years with her cooking my lap.

Post Script

If you have any issues, questions, or comments about this post please let me know, you can reach me at and I'd be happy to engage in a conversation with you about any of the above. Your time is appreciated! I've also made Monster Factory available for download right here from the website! You can find the game here

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