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Monster Factory!

On Steam

Play as a small round organism bent on absorbing as much of the city as possible. Navigate through a cityscape and use powerups to help you devour everything within the time limit. Hide your donuts!


Devour everything!

Using three different powerups, the player can explore expansive maps looking to devour anything in their path. As the player grows and consumes they will gain access to every larger objects to absorb. A never ending cycle until you're large enough to eat everything.

Hidden through out the maps are some tasty treats the organism has become accustomed to.

Collect them all to gain a higher score and continue on your journey to devour everything!

Low Poly Environment

All the character models, and assets, were made with a low poly approach. A colourful cartoony feel with lower amount of detail to focus more on the game.



Use different abilities to gain mastery over the city, located throughout the cityscape. Climb up to higher vantage points in search donuts, dart across the map to cover the distance, or use the tank to cross traffic safely.

Custom Tracks

Special thanks to UnBranded for their work on our title tracks.


Four custom tracks can be found through out the game, and their music can be found here:


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