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Mitchell Walker

Projects and roles undertaken by our CEO


Monster Factory

A 3D platformer following a blob on it's journey to devour everything! Eat entire urban population centers within a time limit.

Role: Producer, Programmer, Designer

16 Amber.png


When I Was Afraid

A 3D narrative platformer following the same path of an adventure undertaken by the main characters grandmother.

Role: Producer, Programmer, Story/narrative


Eugene's Cave of Phase

A 2D side scroll platformer with a phase mechanic to bring the environment in and out of existence, after a tunnel collapse traps the main character and opens the way to a lost power.
Roles: Producer, Programmer, Level Designer



Doomsday Daycare

A 3D battle arena, operate a tank on a preschool play table. Avoiding other tanks and destroying your opponents.

Roles: Level Design, 3D Asset Artist


Dad Simulator

A Global Game Jam 3D submission for 2020. Play as a typical dad tasked with chores on a Sunday afternoon. Clean the shed, cut the grass, and cook dinner without burning it before the family gets home.

Roles: Producer, Programmer, Level Designer

13. Dadsim.png
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